e-Training & Learning Management System

e-TLMS  is  build on user friendly interface, built on constructivist nature, enabling rich media interaction, space personalization promoting  student and faculty collaboration.

Designed to be responsive and accessible, e-TLMS interface is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

e-Training & Learning Management System is a module that works integrated with AIMES Core which manages student database. For effective use of eTLMS student’s subject and  semester of study is of utmost important to monitor the student  to reach to desired study materials of his/her subject and semester.

eTLMS provides a platform for a vast repository where individual faculty member can store training materials in the form of PDF files, WORD, IMAGES, PPT, MP3,(audio) YOUTUBE links , videos (Online Classroom Tutorials) i.e facility to record visual and audio using laptop or desktop for class materias etc. Students with a login and password can access these online training resources whenever and wherever.

 The thing to bear in mind is that eTLMS users fall into two categories: First, online learners i.e students who use the  Learning Management System to participate in online training courses; second, your eLearning team i.e faculty who relies on the  Teaching Management System platform to disburse information and update the online training content.

e-TLMS works on three pivots

Teaching & Learning Management System Benefits

  1. Organizes And Safely Stores Big Data.
  2. Monitors Learner Progress And Performance.
  3. Improves Resource Allocation.
  4. Personalizes The Online Training Experience.
  5. Improves eLearning Accessibility.
  6. Data is safe and secured..

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